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CVH Hair Blog | How To Support Your Local Salons and Hairstylists During COVID-19

We know that salons, stylists and pretty much every beauty professional will be struggling during this uncertain time in regards to Coronavirus. Here are a few ways that you can support your local hair stylist or salon whilst they're not able to transform your hair! 

Don’t Cancel

Instead of cancelling, try to rearrange your appointment. Whether that’s in 3 weeks or 3 months. It will give your salon peace of mind that they will have a returning customer. 

Be Kind!

If your appointment was cancelled, please remember that your salon or stylist is just doing what’s right for everyone. 

Show Support 

They’ve not only given you the hair of your dreams, but they’ve probably been your personal therapist and listened to all of your problems! So go the extra mile during this time and send them a message, like their photos and let them know that you care! 

Buy A Gift Voucher 

If you can, buy a gift voucher from the salon. This helps money come in to the salon, but also means you’ve put money aside for your next appointment.

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