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Looking after a set of hair extensions is not only vital to ensure no damage to your natural hair, but also vital to prolonging the life of your new hair! Here is our aftercare advice for keeping your new locks in the best condition possible. 

Washing your hair extensions

1. Wash your hair 2-3 times a week with a sulphate free shampoo. Keep in mind that excess washing and styling will damage the cuticle of the hair and can decrease the lifespan.
2. Use gentle circular motions when shampooing, but never rub directly over the bonds or tapes.
3. Only put conditioner on the mid lengths and ends of the hair and rinse thoroughly to avoid product build up.
4. Ensure that the conditioner has had time to soak into the extensions before rinsing off.
5. Use an Argan Oil on the mid lengths and ends of your extensions to lock in moisture.

Our Hair Repair Oil is perfect for this smoothing and moisturising hair cuticles.


CVH Hair Repair Oil (Organic)


Whether you’ve got tape extensions, micro bonds or a weft - the extensions are attached to your natural hair so pulling too hard on these can result in damage. When brushing your extensions it’s important to use a brush with soft bristles, just like our Detangling Brush which is specially designed to maintain the longevity of your hair extensions.


Detangling Brush


To avoid you hair from matting and tangling, NEVER go to sleep with wet hair. We advise to braid your hair when sleeping to stop this from happening. This prevents the hair cuticles from rubbing together causing split ends and dryness.


Looking after your hair extensions is pretty easy, but there are a number of factors to be aware of which can cause damage to your new locks.

1. Avoid salty water! Salt will naturally dehydrate the hair, meaning it will become
very dry.

2. Using heated styling tools will damage your hair extensions over time. Be sure
to use tools like straighteners, tongs and heated rollers on the minimum heat
possible and never over 180°C. Always remember that using heat on hair
extensions will reduce their lifespan.

3. Avoid getting your hair wet in chlorine filled swimming pools. The chlorine
content in the water can cause matting and discolouration.

4. When wearing your hair up, be sure that the micro bonds or tapes are sitting
flat in the direction of application. Wearing your hair in a high pony or top knot
with the extensions sitting in the opposite direction of application can damage
your natural hair.

Got some more questions? Head to our FAQ page.

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